Montwood Middle School 2022-2023 Dress Code

  • All registered students will comply with SISD’s dress code policy as well as the Montwood Middle School Policy, as stated below. Dress Code Policy is established for the safety of all students and school personnel. MMS Administrators have the authority to make changes should something become a safety concern, distraction, or disruption. That affects the learning or safety of the school environment. SISD has established the following universal options to compliment other agreed-upon school-uniform options:

    • Khaki pants with a white polo shirt without a school logo
    • School uniform pants and a school-colored polo shirt without a school logo
    • Physical education uniform bottoms (shorts or sweatpants in any color) and a white, gray, or school colored t-shirt without a school logo

    As per Policy FNCA (local), a universal uniform may be worn at any SISD School which has elected to implement a school uniform policy. 

  • Allowed:

    School Colors:

    • White
    • Navy
    • Forest Green
    • Maroon


    • Polo shirt in school colors (logo optional)
    • Appropriately sized
    • MMS School T-shirt ONLY allowed (available for purchase at MMS)
    • Monday - District Team SISD Shirt
    • Thursdays - College Spirit Shirt
    • Fridays - School Pride Day (MM Club/Organization shirt)
    • Physical Education uniform bottoms (shorts or sweatpants in any color) and a white, gray, or any school colored t-shirt without a school logo. 
    • Pink, Purple, Teal, Lime Green, and Black are allowed and can be purchased via special order. 


    • Solid khaki or navy blue uniform pants
    • Pants/shorts/joggers
    • Sized appropriately to student's waist
    • Friday only - solid & untorn blue jeans or uniform bottoms
    • Students with perfect attendance for weeks 1-2 will earn a jean week on week 3 of the marking period. (Rotation schedule will be provided)
    • Students with perfect attendance for weeks 1-8 can earn a free dress week  for week 9 of that marking period.


    • Tennis shoes 
    • Closed-toed shoes with a rubber sole

    Student IDS: 

    • School Id will be provided for students in August. Students must wear a school ID with a school colored lanyard.

    Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Jackets

    • All sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets MUST have a zipper from the neck to the waist and should be unzipped for dress code checks to show student ID while on campus. 
  • Not Allowed:

    • Oversized/baggy clothes
    • Excessively tight clothing
    • Hoodies
    • Sagging pants
    • Torn, unhemmed clothing
    • Rubber-banded, rolled up clothing,
    • Cargo/Carpenter style pants/shorts
    • Shorts/Skorts 2 inches above the knee
    • Spandex, Jeggings/leggings
    • Steel-toed shoes, boots, sliders/Healy's, slip-ons, Crocs, slippers, flip flops, high heels
    • No oversize belt buckles, wallet chains, caps, hats, beanies, scarves, or sunglasses worn in buildings.
    • Hairstyles which can cause undue attention to a health, gang and/or safety hazard, such as mo-hawks, spiked hair, or hair covering a student's vision or hairnets. 
    • Anything lewd, offensive, or distracting determined by an administrator.