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Students learn and have fun at first-ever Comic Con event

2016 SISD Comic Con1
2016 SISD Comic Con2
2016 SISD Comic Con3
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High school students in the Socorro Independent School District gathered for the first-ever Team SISD Comic Con, a unique event that encouraged students to refine their creativity in their learning while exploring non-traditional forms of literature and storytelling.

“Literature trends are moving into more dynamic venues like video games and movies outside the world of basic books and graphic novels,” said Marcy Sparks, SISD’s library services coordinator. “We want Comic Con to be an opportunity for students to take away something informative on a career choice option, and highlight the things they enjoy doing.”

The fun event enhanced students’ literature knowledge and career awareness by showcasing creative talent from a variety of vendors and well-known artists, such as comic book illustrator Raul Gonzalez III.

“I enjoy sharing my experiences and talking to students, fellow creators and vendors,” Gonzalez said. “It’s great to talk to them on how I went about doing what I do.”

For students, making new friends and meeting other people who are interested in this genre of work was the highlight of the event.

“This is the first Comic Con I’ve been to,” said Radai Valenciana, student at Eastlake High School. “I’m so excited because I didn’t think I would get a chance to come to a convention like this one. It’s not common for people to like anime or comics nowadays, but an event like this brings people with similar interests together.”

Other students were excited to gain a different learning experience and receive support on how to develop their own comic books and graphic novels. In addition, students got to participate in cosplay contests, anime workshops, comic artist competition, play fun games, win prizes and more.

“I love that they have an artist here who drew original art as some of the vendors,” said Alejandra Flores, student at El Dorado High School who was dressed up as the character Night Wing. “It’s really amazing to have them here. This event is very inclusive, and it is fun to see others dressed up as characters.”
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