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Burlington donates $1,000 to Jane A. Hambric School for school supplies

Images of Burlington store staff donating to Hambric school  

A Burlington store in El Paso donated $1,000 to Jane A. Hambric School fifth-grade teachers and students for school supplies through the Adopt-A-Classroom program.

Jim York, manager for Burlington on Zaragoza Road, presented the school principal, Joanne Anguiano, and fifth-grade teachers with the donation check on Sept. 25 in the library at the school.

“We honestly didn’t think we’d get selected for Adopt-A-Classroom, so we were ecstatic when we saw the email that the fifth grade of our school was chosen,” said teacher Isabel Ramirez.

The educators plan to use the donation for supplies and materials for a new science lab, which they hope will engage their students in science and technology.

Schools may apply to Burlington’s Adopt-A-Classroom program, which helps campuses fund needs for students and teachers. The applications are considered based on certain criteria, including how the school will use the donation to help students learn and educators with their instruction.

“The students are the future and what better way to invest money and spend money than for the kids,” York said.

When the Burlington opened in the neighborhood last year, the store also donated $10,000 to Jane A. Hambric School as part of its grand opening festivities and Adopt-A-Classroom program.

Burlington store donation to Jane Hambric Shool event photos

Published October 11, 2019

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