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Montwood senior represents city in national Bank of America leadership program

Montwood High School senior Emilio Jackson

Montwood High School senior Emilio Jackson was selected as a Class of 2022 El Paso Bank of America Student Leader, which gave him the opportunity to work in the summer as a paid intern at the Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso.

Jackson was one of two students selected from El Paso and one of 300 students selected from across the United States for the annual leadership program.

His participation in the prestigious program allowed him to gain valuable leadership skills and he was able to attend a virtual conference with other student leaders from across the country.

Jackson said the internship showed him how to work with nonprofits and how to administer grant writing, which he said are skills he hopes will eventually allow him to contribute to and help his community.

“I feel very proud of myself, as well as of my peers,” he said. “This internship gave me a lot of insight and experience.”

Jackson said he made invaluable connections, learned about the importance of networking, grew as a leader, gained new skills, and strengthened his customer and public service skills.

He is a senior at Montwood High School and enrolled in the Synergi4 T-STEM and P-TECH Academy, one of SISD’s advanced academic academies which prepares students for biomedical and engineering careers through STEM and college-based education incorporating collaboration, creativity, and rigorous learning.

“We are super happy to see Emilio turning into the leader he is going to be and proud of his contributions to our tradition of excellence here at Montwood High School,” said Carlos Guerra, principal of Montwood High School.

Jackson also has tutored students in the El Paso community during his free time and he has served as the assistant coordinator for an annual STEM science fair.

As part of the program Jackson participated in the paid internship and earned a Chromebook to use for his studies and to continue building connections.

“Bank of America remains committed to supporting young adults by connecting them to jobs, community engagement opportunities and leadership development,” said Kristi Marcum, president of Bank of America El Paso. “We recognize young adults are the future of El Paso, which is why programs like Student Leaders are one way we can provide paid opportunities for students to gain job experience while developing a diverse pipeline of talent as they enter the local workforce.”

Jackson found out about the Bank of America Student Leaders opportunity through the Synergi4 academy, where one of the requirements for students is to take part in an internship while they are in the academy.

As an engineering student Jackson said he has always been interested in STEM related ideas, so he applied to the Bank of America program to challenge himself to get out of his comfort zone and experience something new.

“I learned a lot from people who aren't necessarily in the same pathway as myself and seeing their different perspectives, compared to what I am accustomed to, left me wanting to gain more knowledge about what is going on in the world around me and see how, if possible, I can make an impact,” Jackson said.

Jackson and his fellow El Paso-based student leader were able to work collaboratively, while taking part in mentor-focused projects with Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso to gain workforce skills, leadership experience and civic engagement.

Bank of America student leaders also participated in a virtual Leadership Summit, delivered in partnership with the Close Up Foundation.

The summit included opportunities to engage with congressional leaders, hear from leaders both in civil and human rights advocacy, and the Stanford University Young Democracy at Home program, which encourages conversation about current issues facing young people today.

Published August 16, 2022

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