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Americas, El Dorado freshmen to start new year with laptops

2016 AHS DNA Laptop1
2016 AHS DNA Laptop3
2016 AHS DNA Laptop2
Incoming freshmen at Americas and El Dorado high schools registered for the 2016-2017 school year July 18-19 and went home with their class schedule and a new laptop to go with it.

More than 1,200 students at Americas and El Dorado received a Lenovo 11e Yoga Windows device as part of the Digitally Nurturing Academics 1:1 program, a Socorro Independent School District initiative geared to create transformational, digital age instruction and increase student achievement.

“The students, parents and teachers are all excited about this,” said Kim Henry, English department chair at Americas who assisted with the laptop distribution. “So much of what we do is online, from research to textbooks. This program gives students equal access and provides them more resources to be 21st century learners.”

The DNA program was first piloted at Socorro High School in 2014 giving freshmen students 24/7 use of laptop computers for school work and homework. Since then, the district has distributed more than 4,500 laptops to freshmen students at Socorro, Pebble Hills, Americas and El Dorado high schools.

By 2020-2021, all comprehensive high schools in Team SISD will receive mobile computer devices for freshmen students.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for freshmen,” said Tresa Briseño, a parent at El Dorado High School. “It’s great knowing that students will have access to a laptop at all times even when they are home. It will help them become computer savvy, a skill they need as they continue their higher education.”

Aside from registering students for the new school year, the schools also registered students for a DNA camp where they will learn how to use the device, receive information about internet safety and digital citizenship.

“It is very kind of the district to give us a computer since a lot of people don’t have computers at home,” said Alejandro Pacheco, freshman at Americas. “Having a laptop will be good for us because we will have a learning tool outside of school that will help us achieve more in our studies and receive a better education.”

In addition to DNA camps, the district also offers a web page at that lists businesses within the Team SISD community which offer free Wi-Fi connectivity. Students can use their school technology devices to connect to the internet at these locations and get ahead in their school work at all times.
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