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Montwood graduate has bright career after exploring SISD’s endless opportunities

Montwood graduate Ruby Luevanos
Montwood graduate Ruby Luevanos2

Ruby Luevanos, a Montwood High School and Texas A&M alumna, was one of 17 students who completed a summer internship with the United States Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition.

The internship opportunity was offered through the Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) at Texas A&M University.
“The Public Policy Internship Program is one of few in the nation specifically geared toward transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders,” said Stephanie McMillen, director of PPIP.
The former Ram Valedictorian, who is a first-year dual language teacher in Bryan, TX, said the internship helped her become a better educator; a path she said she wasn’t sure she would take in her career.
“When I was at Montwood I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Luevanos said. “It helped that so many programs were offered because I tried everything. I was involved in student council, the National Honor Society, cross country, track, yearbook, theater, the math club… I was involved in everything.”
Luevanos’ mother, Daisy Clemente, said she felt proud that her daughter was granted the opportunity to spend the semester in Washington and grateful to the district for preparing her for post-secondary education and a career.
“Ruby has been a smart girl since day one of Pre-K,” Clemente said. “She was very involved and was in 17 clubs and organizations in high school. SISD prepared her for this opportunity because she had great teachers in high school that supported her at all times. Every person did their part, from the principal to her teachers and the librarian, it was a team effort.”
Luevanos agreed.
 “I had great teachers at Montwood,” she said. “They were honest with us. They taught me the importance of forming relationships with students and how to have a good atmosphere in the classroom, which is something I hope to create for my future students.”
One of Luevanos’ goals as a teacher is to do more for students. She plans to incorporate the knowledge she gained as an intern.

“By being familiar with education policy, the new laws being passed, and the effects they have on students and teachers, I will know how to increase their possibilities.”
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