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SISD students earn Make it Count rewards for perfect attendance

 Make it Count students participating in events

Students in the Socorro Independent School District earned rewards for having perfect attendance Jan. 14 through April 18 as part of the SISD 2019 Make it Count attendance program.

The end-of-year celebrations started with pool parties for high school students, a Superhero Family Night for elementary students, and an Xtreme Day of games and attractions for middle school students.

“Make it Count is one of the many ways we prepare our students for the future,” said Cory Craft, SISD’s academic compliance officer. “Forming good habits, such as having perfect attendance, makes for better citizens and a strong workforce.”

The schools with the greatest attendance during the 12-week period were John Drugan School, SPC. Rafael Hernando III Middle School and Americas High School. John Drugan also was the school with the greatest attendance growth from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019.

SISD students felt appreciated because they were recognized for their perfect attendance.

“I could not think of a better way to spend my Friday evening,” said Bryan Rivera, an eighth-grade student at SPC. Rafael Hernando III Middle School. “This is a very cool event because they are rewarding us for our efforts of going to school every day and we are having fun with friends and siblings.”

Parents also enjoyed the Make it Count events and said they were positive incentives for students.

“It gives them a chance to socialize and pushes them to excel,” said Felix Romo, parent at Purple Heart Elementary. “My son was so excited about this event because of the superheroes and the movie they played on the video board. He really liked that he could bring the entire family along because it was a way for him to show us that he was doing his best. Events like these are very positive things for students.”

SISD Partners in Education also joined in on the Make it Count fun treating students to lemonades, fresh fruit cups, frappe coffees, and the popular papas locas.

“These kids work hard so we want them to know we see their efforts,” said Charlie Navar, the owner of Craze Yogurt Lounge. “Their response is overwhelming! They are having fun and they are so grateful to be experiencing something like this. You can tell they’re going to take it to the next level next year!”

Erin Carbajal, a freshman at El Dorado High School, says he plans on having perfect attendance in 2019-2020 as well.

“I come to school every day to be successful,” Carbajal said. “I’m going to tell students next year to go to school every day because they will be rewarded with lots of fun.”

Make it Count Pool Party event photos

Make it Count Superhero Family Night event photos

Make it Count Xtreme Day event photos

Published June 6, 2019

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