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Eastlake students gained anti-vaping awareness with special traveling exhibit

Images of students participating in anti-vaping awareness events  

Eastlake High School was one of ten high schools in Texas who had a traveling exhibit created by the Texas Department of State Health Services stop at their campus in February to teach students about anti-vaping and anti-tobacco awareness and encourage teens to quit using vaping products.

“Having this exhibit on our campus allows the students to learn about the negative effects vaping can have on your body,” said Eastlake High School Student Activities Director Kelley Akins. “Instead of us just standing up there and lecturing them, this exhibit allows them to engage, interact and leave here with that awareness in the back of their mind.” 

Throughout the school year, Eastlake High School has embarked on various projects and messages that work to combat vaping in schools and the El Paso community, including their Level up your Leadership service project for the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).

The exhibit displayed to the students Feb. 27 featured social media influencer content, interactive presentations and campaign messaging designed to appeal to a teenage audience.

“We really need to create awareness for our peers,” said Eastlake High School senior Kya Lopez. “Vaping is a fairly new issue and we do not know what long term effects it may have, so we need to stop it before it turns into a bigger issue later.”

Almost one in five high school students in Texas has vaped in the last 30 days and vaping rates have gone up every year, according to the Texas DSHS. E-cigarettes contain more than 31 chemicals, including nicotine, which is highly addictive and can affect brain development.

“I really think this could change a lot of peoples’ minds,” said Eastlake High School sophomore Briana Canales. “The stuff they have showed us today is gross and it really opens your mind to not get into vaping… I think we should have more of these.”

Eastlake students gained anti-vaping awareness event photos

 Published June 23, 2020

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