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SISD students receive recognition in Bulb Digital Portfolios challenge

Images of student portfolios  

Five Socorro Independent School District students received prizes for being part of a digital portfolio challenge using a web-based tool called Bulb, which allows students to store and showcase their work for future endeavors.

Bulb Digital Portfolios is an online platform that helps students around the globe store their work, including multimedia content, animations, renderings, engineering projects, etc.

It is an easy to use resource for students to showcase resumes or any other relevant documents with educators or even prospective employers.

This is the first year the SISD Career and Technical Education department incorporated the Bulb Digital Portfolio challenge at the annual SISD Academic Technology Showcase held in late February.

“Congratulations to our five winners,” said Niki Daniels, Bulb customer success manager. “It was so much fun going through each and every portfolio, so much awesome work and I hope to see you continue using Bulb at Socorro ISD.”

The winners were: first place – Matthew Dominguez, El Dorado High School; second place – Lesli Borjon, El Dorado High School; third place – Ashlyn Constans, Eastlake High School; fourth place – Samantha Debe, Pebble Hills High School; and fifth place – Max Isidoro Avila, Socorro Middle School.

Bulb Digital Portfolios have been in use at SISD campuses to help students excel in a society that is relying more and more on technology in education and daily life.

“Especially during the pandemic, this tool has helped our teachers monitor their students’ work from home,” said SISD Career and Technical Education director George Thomas. “This is our third year using it and each year it gets more useful.”

SISD students use Bulb to shape knowledge and ideas into practical, useable, and shareable work. It also allows educators to track student progress and growth and measure competency.

Every SISD middle school and high school has a Bulb Digital Portfolio expert on staff who has had training on the program so that they can assist the teachers and students.  

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity for the students,” said Amanda Acosta, SISD Career and Technical Education facilitator. “They can store as much work as they want on there and use it for their future, which is an advantage we didn’t have in the past.”    

The Bulb Digital Portfolio is available for middle school students to start their work portfolios. The students can carry over their work through their high school years and have access to it for free one year after they graduate from high school.

 Published June 25, 2020

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