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Team SISD celebrates Board of Trustees in honor of School Board Recognition Month

Navigating to Success January 2021 School Board Recognition Month, with group shot of SISD board members

The Socorro Independent School District paid tribute to its Board of Trustees during the month of January and at the SISD board meeting on Jan. 19 in honor of 2021 School Board Recognition Month.

The school board takes on the responsibility to govern Team SISD with transparency and a commitment to provide the best learning and working environment for students and employees.

The SISD Board of Trustees is a widely recognized school board, having been recognized in the HEB Excellence in Education award program, which recognizes exceptional school districts and governing boards. Our Board of Trustees also has been selected twice as the Region 19 Board of the Year and they earned the prestigious title of Texas Honor Board, one of the highest achievements a Texas school board can earn.

These citizens volunteer to work with district administration, community leaders, constituents, families, and educators to develop educational and operational policies that support student achievement, employee professional growth and ensure the solvency of the district.

This past year, board members and district leaders had to make critical decisions to maintain Team SISD’s high standard of excellence in the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s recognition theme of “Navigating to Success” rings truer than ever as the school district continues to navigate uncharted waters to continue our path to student success.

Our Board of Trustees are navigators, and on behalf of the more than 47,000 students and 6,000 employees in the district, Team SISD thanks these citizens for their time and effort and for their dedication to SISD students, staff and schools.

Across Team SISD, principals, students, employees, and community members have sent messages of support and appreciation to the Board of Trustees. Schools and district administrators posted numerous social media posts and marquee messages and students honored board members with artwork and letters of thanks.

At the January board meeting, the trustees were presented with tokens of appreciation, including gifts adorned with school logos and mascots, baskets filled with school spirit objects and treats to enjoy, a gold and wooden compass and a unique piece of student artwork created by Pebble Hills senior Laura Rosiles that captures the spirit of “Navigating to Success."

Thank you to the SISD Board of Trustees for taking on the responsibility and service to navigate Team SISD to excellence and to help students and staff seize their opportunities!

The SISD Board Trustees are:
Board President Cynthia Najera,
Board Vice President David Morales,
Board Secretary Paul Guerra,
Board Trustee Gary Gandara,
Board Trustee Paul Garcia,
Board Trustee Eduardo Mena,
And, Board Trustee Angelica Rodriguez.

Published January 19, 2021

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