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Montwood celebrates Class of 2021 with Light Up The Night event

Graduating seniors and their families at Light Up The Night event 

Montwood High School Class of 2021 graduating seniors and their families gathered in the school’s faculty parking lot ahead of graduations for the Light Up the Night luminary event fundraiser in support of the students.

The Class of 2021 lit up the Emerald City with green luminary bags in the faculty parking lot.

Montwood High School student activities director Ana Player said that the school wanted to have event that would bring seniors and their families together on campus in a safe manner.

“This year has been hard on the kids, and I feel for them and their families, and it brings so much joy to be able to see them here smiling and celebrating themselves because they deserve it,” Player said.

Eric Aguirre, one of 630 graduating Montwood seniors, attended the event with his parents.

“Being here today feels really special,” Aguirre said. “It lets me know that the administration and those who look over our school haven’t forgotten about us.” “They are trying their best to give us something and this is proof right here, so as a senior I’m very grateful. After this tough year, it means a lot.”

Students, families, and sponsors were invited to purchase luminary bags which they lit up at designated areas where graduates and their families were allowed to stop and take commemorative photos.

Aguirre’s mother, Armida Aguirre, was grateful to share the special moment with her son.

“He didn’t really get to do anything all year and it’s been really sad with everything going on. I wanted him to at least experience this and I’m glad that I’m here to experience it with him,” she said.

With over 300 bags sold, funds collected will go toward purchasing graduation medals, masks, and a class gift.

Montwood student body president Marisol Hernandez, who helped coordinate the event, attended with her mom and her sister.

“We put this event together to show our seniors a little bit of appreciation. We know that this has been a really hectic year and something small like this is just a token of what we can do for them to make them feel special and to help remind them to have that Montwood pride,” Hernandez said.

Published June 14, 2021

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