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SISD annual District Art Show showcases creative talent from students of all ages

SISD annual District Art Show winners and their artwork

More than 1,500 art pieces were submitted for the 2021 SISD District Art Show in May featuring creative talent from students of all ages.

The District Art Show serves as a venue for students to showcase their skills through various artistic methods, including sculptures, drawings, and photography.

SISD Fine Arts specialist Macka Jones said that this was the first year that the majority of students’ artwork was completed primarily off campus due to the pandemic.

“The students used materials that were available to them at home,” Jones said. “The overall results were amazing, and it definitely showed the talent our students have throughout Socorro ISD."

There were 12 divisions with 12 categories each and 432 first, second, and third place winners were selected.

One hundred students also received the coveted Golden Rosette award.

The creative artwork by 10 students stood out and claimed the art show’s top honors, the Team SISD Award.

“Winning the art show made me feel really happy because other people saw my art,” said James P. Butler Elementary School second grade student Isabella Wall, who was one of the Team SISD Award winners. “I want to keep doing it so I can become better.”

Wall, who likes to feature lots of colors in her work, said she knows it’s important to keep practicing so her artwork can improve.

“I think her love for school and being creative is evident in what comes out through her artwork,” said her teacher Jessica Bloom. “Isabella is a great student and always gives it her best.”

Socorro High School art teacher Lourdes Aguilar said that art is important for students to use as an outlet to express their feelings and emotions.

Her student, senior Abigail Diaz, was one of the 10 Team SISD Award winners.

“I was happy that she received this award because she deserved the recognition,'' Aguilar said. “It made me proud that her work was selected because she puts a lot of thought into her work.”

Diaz’s creation featured butterflies and flowers and it was dedicated to her mother who was dealing with health issues at the time. She said she has been so inspired by the opportunities offered for art students in SISD that she is motivated to pursue a career as an art teacher.

“I think art is just so important, especially for someone like me who has a hard time expressing and talking about my emotions,” Diaz said. “Winning made me feel very acknowledged and I felt like I’m doing a really good job in progressing in my art.”

The students’ artwork will be framed and displayed in the SISD District Service Center for district employees and the SISD community to admire and enjoy.

Published June 15, 2021

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