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SISD students recognized in June board honors for art contest, baseball, softball championships

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Editor’s note: Traditionally, each month at the SISD Board of Trustees, the board members and superintendent honor outstanding Team SISD students and staff who have earned local, regional, state, or national accolades and recognition. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the health and wellbeing of students and staff, it has not been possible to bring in these exceptional individuals and teams. However, they are still deserving of a moment in the spotlight for their outstanding achievements. This article and presentation recognize the students and staff who earned recent honors.

Three SISD military-connected students were selected as the winners in the regional Month of the Military Child Art Contest. The competition shines a spotlight on military-connected students providing them with the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent, while helping others understand their experiences as children of parents who serve in the military. This year’s nationwide contest theme was “A Resilient Force in a Changing World.” These SISD students claimed all three top award spots in the area. Congratulations to these amazing students!

Katelyn Agapay, Lujan-Chavez Elementary
Farrah Dayley, John Drugan School
Jocelyn Rodela, Socorro High School

The El Dorado High School baseball team had a magnificent season, ending with a 2020-2021 UIL 5A Bi-District championship. The Aztecs had a district record of 11-3 and an overall record of 18-7. They finished with an overall 72 percent win average. Congratulations to the El Dorado High School Aztecs baseball team!

Ernesto Saucedo
Nikolas Pedroza
Jose Valenzuela
Dominick Castillo
Sergio Baltazar
Carlos Chavez
Ayden Ramos
Aiden Adame
Angel Facio
Sebastian Crispin
Maverick Chavez
Israel Brenes
Isaiah Garnica
Ricardo Portillo
Brandon Nevarez
Andrew Walters
Jaylen Lozano
Louie Rodriguez
Mario Urena – Assistant Coach
Will Montano – Assistant Coach
Victor Rodriguez – Head Coach

The Montwood High School baseball team ended their tremendous season as a 2020-2021 UIL 1-6A District and 6A Bi-District champion. The Rams had a district record of 17-4 and an overall record of 22-8. They had an overall 73 percent win average. Congratulations to the Montwood High School Rams baseball team! 

Jorge Frias
Nathan Benitez
Willie Romo
Cesar De La Cruz
Aaron "Mo" Morales
Carlos Armendariz
David Chavez
Jesus Tovar
Ethiel Esquivel
Bryant O Neil
Tony Torres
Oscar Trillo
Zander Nunn
JohnPaul "JP" Delgado
Noah DeLa Riva
Ruben Porras
Fabian Ibarra
Aaron Oropeza
Andrew "PC" Perezchica
Juan "JC" Solis
Mando Ontiveros
Isaiah Medrano
Oscar Vera - Assistant Coach
Mike Salazar - Assistant Coach
Daniel Perez - Assistant Coach
Willie Romo – Head Coach

The Montwood High School softball team had an outstanding season finishing with a 2020-2021 UIL 6A District Championship. The team had several individual student-athlete accomplishments including a district MVP, five 1-6A 1st Team All-District, three 1-6A 2nd Team All- District and a 1-6A honorable mention All-District recognitions. The team finished the season with a district record of 20-1 and overall record of 21-4. Congratulations to the Montwood High School Rams softball team!

Crystal Avila
Lauren Garcia
Zoey De Baca
Samantha Rodriguez
Destiny Espinosa
Victoria Perez
Paulina Gonzalez
Angelina Levy
Ariana Garcia
Nikki Solis
Angeli Shirley
Andrea Telles
Avery Chavez
Amanda Lujan
Joey Rodriguez
Keara Miranda – Team Manager
Eileen Guerrero – Team Manager
Jill Joseph – Assistant Coach
Jessica Polanco – Assistant Coach
Mando Trujillo – Assistant Coach
Cynthia Hernandez – Head Coach

The El Dorado High School softball team’s awesome athletic talent earned them a 2020-2021 UIL 5A Bi-District Championship. The team had several individual student-athlete accomplishments including four 2-5A 1st Team All-District, two 2-5A 2nd Team All-District, and 2-5A Honorable Mention All-District recognitions. They finished the season with a district record of 10-4 and overall record of 14-9. Congratulations to the El Dorado High School Aztecs softball team!

Vanessa Solis
Kaitlyn Varela
Jackie Schmidt
Alyssa Barragan
Ally Valenzuela
Alexis Chapa
Keren Granados
Emily Reyes
Laura Perez
Vivian Salinas
Alexis Marquez
Maria Garcia
Kaylah Alvarado
Anyssa Chapa
Savannah Sanchez
Jorge Anaya – Assistant Coach
Javier Diaz – Assistant Coach
Rudy Valdez – Assistant Coach
Adrian Telas – Head Coach

The Americas High School softball team’s hard work and dedication paved the way to an incredible season winning 2020-2021 UIL 6A Bi-District and Area Championships. The team had several notable individual athletic achievements, including 1-6A District Honorable Mention, 1-6A District Pitcher of the Year, and All-City Coach of the Year recognitions. Congratulations to the Americas High School Trailblazers softball team!

Brianna Garcia
Mia Alvarado
Myrka Plata-Hernandez
Jaqueline Hernandez
Ashanti Ruiz
Analisse Zubia
Kennedy Williams
Micaela Aguilar
Adlai Alvidrez
Sabrian Carrillo
Mia Perez
Jasmine Olivas
Sydney Saenz
Juliet Vigil
Annika Ruiz
Michelle Rodarte – Assistant Coach
Andrew Morales – Assistant Coach
Pedro Perez – Assistant Coach
Roxanne Luna – Head Coach

Published June 15, 2021

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