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SISD student-produced PSA on COVID-19 vaccines shared with community

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Audio-video production students from Americas High School and Socorro High School created public service announcements about COVID-19 vaccines that have been shared to give the community more information on the topic.

The SISD high school audio-video production teams participated in a districtwide video contest to produce the COVID-19 PSAs.

The first-place winner of the video contest was Americas High School, and the second-place winner was Socorro High School. Both videos were produced superbly and were combined to create one announcement to inform the public more about COVID-19 vaccines.

“I believe this is more of a testament to the students,” said Andrew Valencia, audio-video production teacher at Americas High School. “I think having them in my class long-term, year after year shows how much they’ve grown and improved in their expertise.”

The video contest was conducted by the SISD Career and Technical Education program, which provides high school students numerous hands-on, real-world learning opportunities.

“My main goal was to help anyone out there who is skeptical on getting their vaccine,” said Natalia Fernandez, a senior and audio-video production student at Americas High School. “It was very satisfying to see the final product reach our expectations.”

Audio-video production teacher at Socorro High School Luis Perez said he was thrilled to have collaborated with another high school to create the PSA.

“I feel like our creativity differences made the piece that much more of a powerful PSA,” he said. “I think our work had more of an emotional approach and theirs was more factual and informational which with the two combined had a bigger effect on our community.”

Watch the COVID-19 vaccine PSA:

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Published July 1, 2021

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