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Libertas Academy conducts successful conference to showcase leadership positions for women

Libertas Academy Group photo and conference photos

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Libertas Law Academy hosted a virtual Women In Law Conference in March to inform, encourage and inspire emerging female scholars to pursue leadership positions in future careers.

Americas High School Libertas Academy instructor Amanda Stevens said the conference was an optimal way to showcase women succeeding in law and leadership positions, which is important for the some 70 percent of female applicants to the law academy.

“Women in the legal profession are underrepresented when it comes to leadership positions,” she said. “Our young legal scholars are already breaking that trend by becoming the predominant applicants to the Libertas program at this time.”

The event included special guests Judge Lyda Ness Garcia and Special Agent Debra Rivero from the Human Smuggling Unit at Homeland Security.

The guests shared their personal stories of their upbringing, education and career journeys and the obstacles they had to overcome to be successful female leaders in their fields.

Stevens said the conference was highly successful with a great response from numerous community members who have volunteered to speak at the next conference.

Americas High School senior Layra Heredia said she enjoyed hearing from the special guests, who were engaging and informative about their professional growth and careers.

“I want to pursue the business field,” Heredia said. “I see a lot of potential in El Paso, and I would love to be able to make things happen for our city.”

Maya Abeytia, a senior, said she plans to study social work at New Mexico State University and pursue a career in Child Protective Services.

“I felt the conference was definitely something that was helpful for our underclassmen, not just the girls but the boys as well,” Abeytia said. “It's important to understand that everyone is equal in the workplace.”

Stevens said what she hopes students will take away from the conference is that rather than seeing the barriers they will face as halting moments to use those moments as steppingstones toward their success.

  Published June 3, 2022

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