Sun Ridge Middle School Student Dress Code, 2021-2022

Sun Ridge Middle School Student Dress Code

 PLEASE NOTE: Please see the Student Code of Conduct for district guidelines regarding dress code.


  • Navy, gold or white polo-style collared shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Navy, gold or white sweatshirt (solid color or with school logo)
  • T-shirts (long or short-sleeved) must have a school logo
  • Shirts must fit comfortably and not be excessively long
  • Other shirts (including t-shirts) from Sun Ridge organizations are acceptable
  • All shirts must be tucked in at all times while in the building
  • Outerwear: Any non-Sun Ridge jacket or sweatshirt must be worn unzipped while students are inside the building. Hoodies must have a Sun Ridge logo.



  • Plain pleated or flat front pants, shorts or skorts in solid navy blue or khaki color
  • No cargo shorts or pants
  • No skirts or dresses
  • Capri pants may be worn if they are uniform-style
  • All pants, shorts and skorts must be worn at the waist
  • Shorts and skorts must be longer than the student’s fingertips when hands are held naturally at his/her side
  • Jeans will be permitted on allowable jeans day (students will be notified)



      • Shoes must have a strap behind the heel. Wheels on shoes are not permitted.

      • Hair should be worn so that teachers can see the students’ eyes in class. Unnatural hair colors, including unnaturally-colored hair extensions (blue, bright-red, pink, purple, etc.) are not allowed.

      • Make-up such as cat eyes, brown or black lipstick or excessive eyeliner or eye shadow (beyond the edge of the eye) is not allowed.

      • No body piercing other than the ears is permitted.

      • Writing on hands, arms, or other visible body parts is not allowed.

      • Contact lenses must be deemed appropriate by administration. Cat eyes, snake eyes, etc. are not permitted.

      • Stud or spike-like bracelets, necklaces, or belts or wallet chains are not allowed.