SISD Child Nutrition Services’ outstanding performance earns increase in meal funds

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The Child Nutrition Services Department in the Socorro Independent School District has earned a six-cent increase in reimbursement for school meals as the result of a 100-percent score on a Texas Department of Agriculture review.

The review is part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was implemented at the start of this school year and will provide SISD with six cents more for every reimbursable lunch the district serves. The additional funds cover the cost of new meal requirements to ensure all school children are receiving balanced and nutritious meals.

Americas High School, William D. Slider Middle School and Chester E. Jordan Elementary were assessed in the six-cent certification review and found to be in compliance with the new meal requirements.

“I am so proud of our campus teams and supervisory staff,” said Shelley Chenausky, director of Child Nutrition Services. “I would like to thank all of them for their hard work and commitment. It is their dedication and diligence that make our team successful.”

The TDA compliance officer reported no errors in the review at the three schools. The review noted that the CNS staff is properly trained and knows the new meal pattern well, the district’s Breakfast in the Classroom Program is impressive and teachers are knowledgeable on the procedures regarding reimbursable meals.

Last school year, SISD served 4.7 million reimbursable lunches. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act six-cent reimbursement increase will provide about $282,000 more for school lunches served to SISD students.