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  • Herff Jones Graduation Order Dates:

    Tuesday, November 14, 11 am-2 pm in the Commons

    Saturday, November 18, 10 am-1 pm in the Commons



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  • Winter Fair

    You are cordially invited to Synergi4's Winter Fair on Monday, Dec. 8, 5-9 p.m., in the MHS Commons.

    Arts & Crafts

    Games & Activities

    Live Entertainment

    Free admission!

    Also available – Hire a table and sell your own items. Outside vendors $30. Contact Cynthia Hernandez at

    Application: Winter Fair Crafts and Booth Application



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  • Regular Bell Schedule 2017-18

    9th Grade:                                               10th-12th Grade:

    8:00-8:30          Tutoring/Team meetings              8:00-8:30

    8:40-9:30 1st                                   8:40-9:30 1st 

    9:35-10:20 2nd                                    9:35-10:20 2nd 

    10:25-11:10 3rd                                 10:25-11:10 3rd 

    11:15-12:00 4th                                11:15-12:00 4th 

    A-LUNCH 12:00-12:40                                     12:05-12:50 5th 

    12:45-1:30 5th                                    B-LUNCH 12:50-1:30

    1:35-2:20 6th                                      1:35-2:20 6th 

    2:25-3:10 7th                                      2:25-3:10 7th 

    3:15-4:00 8th                                       3:15-4:00 8th 



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  • Rules for Driving and Parking on Campus

    Parking permits will be available from the Security Department. Students wanting to drive to school will need to provide the following documentation to obtain a parking sticker:

    1. The student must have a valid TX operator's license.

    2. Vehicle must be registered in TX to the student or member of the family.

    3. Vehicle must be insured in accordance with state law.

    4. The student must be listed as a driver on the insurance card.

    Parking lot rules:

    1. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

    2. Five (5) MPH zone is throughout school campus property.

    3. No cruising in the parking lots.

    4. No illegal parking. Park only in designated areas.

    5. No loud music on or within 500 ft. of the school campus.

    6. The sticker is issued to your vehicle and your vehicle only. Do not place the sticker on another vehicle. Sticker must adhere to the windshield.

    7. The sticker needs to be renewed every school year (fee: $10).

    8. No parking in handicapped parking slots, unless handicapped license plate or decal is displayed. The handicapped decal must be for the student.

    9. No parking in a fire zone.

    10. All state and federal traffic laws are enforced in the parking lot.

    11. Violation of the above rules may result in parking sticker revocation and/or your vehicle being towed off the premises.

    12. SISD is not responsible for theft, vandalism, etc., for vehicles parked on premises.

    13. The one-way traffic pattern will be followed at all times.

    Booting and towing:

    Vehicles that do not display the Montwood High School permit will be immobilized with a wheel boot. Attempting to remove the boot may cause damage to the vehicle. The boot may be removed by paying a fine of $37.50 in the business office. If the boot fine is not paid by 6 p.m., vehicles will be towed without notification at the owner's expense. Montwood High School is not responsible for any damage of any kind to any vehicle.



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  • MHS Bus Routes 2017-18



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  • In August 1990 Montwood High School began serving the educational needs of the community under the leadership of Art Shaw. The school opened with grades 7, 8, 9, and 10, with the first graduating class in 1993. Montwood is unique in the fact that it is one of the few schools in Texas that features many creative programs and innovative teaching practices have made Montwood a model for other schools throughout Texas and the nation. The academic strength of the services the Montwood administrators, faculty, and staff provide to students has been recognized through accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school was built to accommodate 2200 students.
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Vision:Tomorrow's Leaders Learning Today
Mission:The mission of the Socorro Independent School District is to optimize our students' academic, artistic, athletic, and interpersonal skills.