Visitor Information

Athletic Facility Maps

The maps below will be used for all district-held athletic games during the school year. Please click on the school's name below to see each map.

If you are unable to view the maps, require assistance, have questions, or need alternative directions, please email Romelia Aragon.

Socorro ISD Sports Medicine Staff

Socorro Student Activities Complex (SAC)

Christopher Lopez, MS, LAT, ATC, CES
Email Christopher Lopez
Office Phone: 915-937-0517

Americas High School

Michelle Moe-Villa, LAT, ATC
Email Michelle Moe-Villa
Office Phone: 915-937-3105

Fernando Acosta, LAT, CTP, CSTS
Email Fernando Acosta
Office Phone: 915-937-3104

Eastlake High School

Lindsay Parrish, MAT, LAT, ATC
Email Lindsay Parrish
Office Phone: 915-937-3856

Clay Apodaca, LAT, ATC
Email Clay Apodaca
Office Phone: 915-937-3856

El Dorado High School

Patrick Solis, LAT, ATC
Email Patrick Solis
Office Phone: 915-937-3356

Manny Gurrola, MS, LAT, ATC, HSP
Email Manny Gurrola
Office Phone: 915-937-3555

Montwood High School

Eric Fajardo, MBA, LAT
Email Eric Farjardo
Office Phone: 915-937-2621

Andrea Guerrero, MAT, LAT, ATC
Email Andrea Guerrero
Office Phone: 915-937-2623

Pebble Hills High School

Jose Rojas, MS, LAT, ATC, CES
Email Jose Rojas
Office Phone: 915-937-9656

Gabriela Ibrahim, MS, LAT
Email Gabriela Ibrahim
Office Phone: 915-937-9655

Socorro High School

Kinsey Abascal-Mccown, MAT, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Email Kinsey Abascal-Mccown
Office Phone: 915-937-2353

Luis Antunez, MAT, LAT, ATC
Email Luis Antunez
Office Phone: 915-937-2354


Closest Hospital:
The Hospitals of Providence East Campus
Address: 3280 Joe Battle Blvd, El Paso, TX 79938
Phone: 915-832-3200

El Paso Children's Hospital
Address: 4845 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905
Phone: 915-298-5444

What Can Be Provided

  • Water

  • 10g coolers

  • Locker room taping station

  • Ice (located inside visitor locker room)

  • Ice chest

  • Sideline table

  • EMS will be present at all varsity football games