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State & Federal Programs

Mission Statement

The Socorro ISD Department of State and Federal Programs is dedicated to the enhancement of student learning and achievement, the strengthening of district-wide parental involvement, and to supporting SISD personnel in their endeavor to provide students with quality educational experiences. Through various tasks such as resource acquisition, allocation, and documentation, the department is committed to providing a strong foundation for all SISD stakeholders. As educators and professionals, the department's personnel embrace the district's core values: Accountability, Commitment, Trust, Respect, Integrity, High Expectations, and Teamwork.

The Department of State and Federal Programs oversees a number of essential district functions that:

  • Ensure an equitable, high-quality education for all students.

  • Provide a support structure for parents and the surrounding community.

  • Maintain a resource base for employees to carry out their tasks as educators and responsible professionals.

  • Adhere to both state and federal mandates for the benefit of all district stakeholders.