Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department exists to communicate accurate, timely information to engage stakeholders in the success of students and schools. The team is comprised of professional, creative artists, writers, technicians and support staff who strive to deliver excellent customer service to reflect transparency in the District.

As a team, the department works to serve as a link between the school district and its many public audiences; including, parents, students, employees, volunteers, tax payers, businesses, governments, and the media. The major areas of service provided include graphic arts, multimedia production (videography, photography and social media), publications, special events, student and employee awards and recognitions, and media relations. The department also manages the District Partners in Education program.


  1. Maximize electronic media resources to improve reach.

  2. Become the primary source of accurate and timely information that impacts SISD.

  3. Encourage open, consistent communication amongst stakeholders to inspire trust in the District.

Public Relations Staff