Volunteer Program

The SISD Volunteer Program is a division of the Department of Administrative Services that serves as an umbrella and support system for all volunteer activities in Socorro ISD schools. The offices are located in the SISD District Service Center office building, 12440 Rojas Drive.

Under the Department of Administrative Services, the SISD Volunteer Program is structured to improve the recruitment and development of effective community and family partnerships with all segments of the community, including parents, community volunteers, businesses, local governments, higher education institutions, military, civic organizations, retired citizens and other individuals expressing a positive commitment to public education.

SISD Volunteers are an essential component in the efforts to educate and nurture students. Volunteers work alongside staff to enhance and enrich the educational opportunities provided for students.

Parent Organizations

Parent organizations and booster clubs are organizations established to promote school programs or complement student groups or activities. A parent organization’s or booster club’s purpose may be to support students, student groups or programs at a particular school. Support may be as simple as providing refreshments for a particular event or it may be as complex as raising money for an out-of-state competition. The parent organization or booster club works through the principal to provide assistance with the planned activities of the school or student group. However, the parent organization or booster club does not have the authority to decide the activities or trips in which students or student groups will participate. The parents of the parent organization and booster club may provide suggestions about particular activities; however, the principal or other appropriate administrator is responsible for the final decision.

UIL Guidelines


SISD parent volunteer program


Raquel (Rachel) Tarango

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Administrative Services